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Jambo friends!

It's been a long time comin', but we finally mustered up the courage to work on a blog to chronicle our journey here at The Main Street Press. At the moment, the only regret we have is not starting this sooner. In the last 2 years, we've experienced many challenges, failures and successes and wish we could have shared more of them.

Anyyyyyyways... the past is the past and we're livin' for right now! Right? Great!

What are you going to share on the blog?

We're really going to try and give everyone an insight into how things operate over on this side of the table. Everything from design, production, manufacturing and sampling to marketing, instagram and mailing list growth techniques and even some brick and mortar tips as we are expanding into commercial printing as well. We've had some wild adventures so far and look forward to sharing some of the new ones with you as we get rolling into the spring and summer.

How often will you update the blog?

Honestly, we're going to shoot for once a week right now. I know, I know it seems like low commitment, but we don't want to over-promise and under deliver. PLUS - we want to make some worthwhile content. Video + Photos take time to put together for old farts like us.

Who writes the blog posts?

Blog posts will be written either by myself (Leo) or Brittany. You should be able to tell us apart by my poor grammar and overuse of ........ and ----- in sentences. Either way, Britt will have a more fashion forward and business theme and my posts will be more on the creative spectrum of production and manufacturing. Depending on how the week went - we may share some information about a current challenge or issue we may be having with running a growing eCommerce site.


Above all, this space is a place for us to be brutally honest about what we do.

We can't express how surprised we are when we speak to friends from our Social Media outlets who are completely unaware of some of the challenges we deal with day in and day out mostly because we live in an age that tends to exaggerate the positives and downplay the negatives. What that does is set unrealistic expectations for others when it comes to start-ups and creative ventures. We hope this blog will inject some reality back into your dreams and show you that failure is just a natural part of the process!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported MSP from the very beginning until now!

We can't wait to share what 2018 brings our way with you.


Your friends,


Britt + Leo

Main Street Press




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Love it! Can’t wait for the next post:)

Enrique Sanchez January 17, 2018

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