Bon Appetit Concept

It’s September which means EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival is officially back! Since we’ve never made an EPCOT inspired design, I thought it would be a good time to cook something up. While creating the mood board for the design, I definitely wanted to make something food oriented. EPCOT is always a great place for good eats, especially during it’s various festivals.

One phrase that kept coming to mind when thinking of a food based design was the French saying 'Bon Appétit.' I love the France pavilion in general and its overall aesthetics, the fountains, flowers, and various shops. The France booth is one of the most popular ones during the festivals with its sweet and savory dishes and super popular martini slushes. Also, no matter what language you speak, a common phrase used while enjoying a good meal with family and friends is 'Bon Appétit! Enjoy your meal! 'So, that's where the idea sparked to incorporate the phrase 'Bon Appétit' into an overall French inspired design. 

There are times we bring the design to life from start to finish and other times we use a design team to assist in collaborating on designs with us. For this concept I used initial mood board we created, made up of some inspirations and rough sketches to send over to our design team to bring this to life. 

Our team sent back over their first initial sketches for the concept.

I originally gravitated towards the rounded design but something about the French style lettering on the second was appealing and worth exploring.

So with the design back in my court, I stripped away and rearranged some of the food elements, added another key EPCOT phrase, 'World Travelers,' removed the silhouette of Chef Remy (also from France) which was a little too close to Disney Intellectual Property for our taste, and made the main word graphics a little easier to understand. We opted to give a subtle nod to Chef Remy with the chef hat and whiskers above the "I" in Appetite! After a few minor tweaks I locked into the final version of the design.

The last step was coloring. I decided to tune things up a little more and fully carry out the French vibe by using some red white and blue inks. Also, knowing the seasonal fall colors were upon us, I wanted one color way to use gold shimmer ink to really give a classic French gold foil feel.

I’m so happy with how the design and final product came out after our first initial test shirts were printed and can’t wait to release these this coming week! The design really goes well with the overall Food & Wine Festival theming this year too which was a surprising bonus!

Tell me what you think about our newest work? What designs would you like to see next?
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For a preview of the entire collection launching Wednesday 9/5 at 7 PM EST click here.

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